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Pizza Game Manual (0.02a)
  Pizza Game Manual (0.02a)  
    Graphical User Interface Overview    

Status Panel - The status panel stretches across the top of the screen and is for the less interactive controls of the game. There is a 'Menu' button to the top-left area of the screen. Once pressed, the game simulation will pause and open up a main menu in the middle of the screen. Within the main menu are options to resume the game or to exit the application entirely. To the upper-right area is a clock representation of the time and date within the restaurant scene.


Toolbox - The build mode of the game revolves completely around the toolbox controls. Here you select tools to manipulate the objects in the restaurant scene. Only one tool can be selected at a time. Currently present tools in the game include: the selection tool, the build wall tool, the wallpaper tool, the floor tile tool, the doorway tool, the window tool, and the furniture tool. To the right of the tool buttons are the camera zoom in(+) and camera zoom out(-) buttons as well as two buttons for a quick 90-degree rotation of the camera.


Catalog Browser - The catalog browser appears when you select the Furniture tool on the toolbar and is initially located at the lower-left area of the screen next to the bottom toolbox The catalog browser is the navigational selection system for restaurant furniture. Click on the images to select the desired object to place in the restaurant. Use the left and right arrows to scroll through the catalog.


Placing and rotating objects - To place an object in the restaurant, simply select the object in the catalog browser, then move the mouse to the position where you want it and click the left mouse button. To rotate an object, make sure you have selected the pointer tool, then press the left mouse button while the mouse is over the object, and drag the mouse either up, down, left, or right to rotate the object in that direction. (Note: that you can also rotate an object in this way at the same time as placing an object by holding the left mouse button down (when you would normally click and release to place an object), then dragging to rotate the object, and releasing the button to place the object.

    Moving the Camera    

W, A, S, D - These keys move the camera in the same fashion as any real-time stratagy game. W moves the camera forward, S moves the camera backwards, A moves the camera left, and D moves the camera right.


Rotating the Camera Hold down shift and press (or hold) A or D to rotate the camera left or right. Also, you can use the two arrow buttons in the bottom right of the screen (or, alternatively, the Q and E keys) on the toolbar to quickly rotate 90 degrees in either direction. 

    Random Notes    

In the tech demo release, you can buy and place furniture while the simulation is running, and customers are entering and leaving the restaurant. In the actual game, you will only be able to buy and place furniture while your restaurant is closed (before you open it for the day). In a sense, the game will be somewhat "turn-based." When the restaurant is closed - unlike when the restaurant is open and the simulation is running - time does not move forward. You will be able to use this time to properly furnish and decorate your restaurant, as well as do numerous other things to make sure your restaurant is ready for the next day (like buy ingredients and hire or fire employees). Once you elect to begin the next day, the simulation will start and game-time will begin moving forward. Note that while you will be able to pause the game when the restaurant is open, you will not be able to buy or place furniture.


Last edited August 8, 2004

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