First signs of progress
---Posted by redwagon at 10:57 PM on June 19, 2003

Although the game is still in the very early stages of development, we have made considerable progress. It is actually starting to look like a real modern video game. We are so excited and are pleased to share a couple of screenshots.

In the first screenshot, you can see a model we borrowed from Ogre. Keep in mind that the screenshot does not convey the total coolness from watching the character walk in an animated way across the tile map. The screenshot also shows how the player is allowed to interactively place walls along the edges of the tiles indicated by the green semi-transparent wall.

The second screenshot shows the same scene. Notice the change in position and direction of the robot character. Hey! Arn't there a few walls in the scene missing?!?

Pizza Game in Full Development
---Posted by Ares at 08:25 PM on June 16, 2003

Pizza Game has been out of the design stage for about a week now and is under full development. We are currently making excellent progress - no problems have appeared in our design. While the game is still in a very early stage and there's not a whole lot to see, I have some screenshots of the game to share. Keep in mind that we haven't even finished coding the underlying framework for the game.

In screenshot 1, we can see an empty "tile map." The grid lines are drawn on for reference. What you see in the screenshot is the "empty lot" upon which you will be able to build a restaurant. Upon this grid you will be able to place walls, doors, furniture, ovens - all the things that are necessary for a pizza restaurant.

Screenshot 2 shows the tilemap after having several walls added. Although the walls are just white right now, in the finished game you will be able to apply a variety of different wallpapers to the wall.

The game will provide you, the player, with a free camera. What does this mean? We'll you'll be able to place the camera wherever you want in the restaurant. For example, in screenshot 3 you can see that the camera is zoomed out.

Screenshot 4 and and Screenshot 5 show two different views of the restaurant from "inside" and at ground level.

Be sure to keep in mind that this is a very, very early look at the game. However, we figured that it would be a good idea to show everyone what we've been up to.