Still Chuggin'...
---Posted by redwagon at 02:35 AM on August 15, 2003

It has obviously been a whole month since our last news posting, so I thought it was definitely overdue for an official update on the status of the project. Unlike as it might appear, the project is still in active development and huge progress is made almost each day.

A few weeks back, we determined that our methods of generating a 3D scene with the aid of the OGRE rendering engine were inappropriate for the complex atmosphere we are trying to create for this game. Thus, application performance suffered heavily and required replanning and newer methods of interacting with OGRE to acheive the results we desire. Of course, this necessity has set us back a bit, but it is well worth the time and effort. In a relatively simplistic 3D scene, we would achieve about 30-40 fps. Now with the improvement we have made, we are able to create the same 3D scene under the same hardware and resolution running at approximately 90-100 fps leaving us with extra frames to kill to improve the game's overall graphical appearance.

So, that is how the project stands now. We are in good shape, the game improves each day, and we will definitely show some new screenshots within the coming weeks.