Status Update
---Posted by Ares at 12:54 AM on November 15, 2003

Even though it's been two months since our last news update, we haven't been slacking off. redwagon has implemented a lot of stuff regarding objects - you can now place various objects in the scene, rotate them using the mouse, move them again after you've placed them, and remove them entirely from the scene. Also of note is that the system that redwagon has come up with is very modular - an object can be added to the game by providing a model of the object and a text file describing the object.

redwagon and I also spent a good deal of time the last few days making sure the game compiled and worked properly under Linux. We ran into numerous problems at the code-level that needed to be resolved in order to have the game compile properly. Both redwagon and I were able to solve these problems, however, and got the game to compile properly. We've also had some success getting the game to run - we're having one particular problem, but that's most likely due to our relative inexperience under Linux, as both redwagon and I run Windows as our main development operating system. Nevertheless, we are absolutely insistent that this game run under both (at least) Windows and Linux: we hope that the time we took away from programming the game to make sure that there were no problems with the game under Linux reflects this.

Lastly, I have begun initial programming on the simulation engine for the game, so hopefully there will be more news regarding that in the weeks to come. If you're interested in the game, be sure to check out our (albeit somewhat dated)Development Release from September. Or, if you really want to see the more recent progress, check out our Latest Build. One caveat about the latest build, though, we cannot guarantee that it will be stable or even run, although in most cases it will be somewhat stable.