Pizza Game Update
---Posted by redwagon at 02:59 PM on December 06, 2003

Development is moving forward at a nice and steady pace.

The latest addition to the game is the embedding of glass windows into the walls. It is still a bit new and requires some additional work. Imagine if sun rays would cast light into the restrauant structure through the windows; that would look amazing.

We are looking forward to the next release of OGRE, an amazing open-source graphics engine. Hopefully one of its features will include the the use of shaders; then, we will have the capability of easily creating a richer game scene with realistic lighting and shadows.

And last but not least, we have been discussing the official name for the game, and we are juggling one title in particular. 'Pizza Game' has been a temporary reference to the project since its incarnation. So, bare in mind that the project will have an official name soon.