Release 0.02a
---Posted by redwagon at 01:49 AM on August 17, 2004

That's right!! We are releasing our second official build of the game, and the team has made some really nice progress over the past months.

Check it out:

Ares has put together a solid framework to manage the control of the customers and employees in the game. They visit the restaurant, find their way around walls, walk through doorways, sit at tables, take customer orders at tables, and cook pizzas. I can't wait to see some new character models and animations to compliment Ares' coding skills.

Also, All_Star25 has been making some nice strides with the sound engine. So much that we are able to provide some cool background music in the game, which has been provided by Alex Ford.

Last but hopefully not least, I have been able to complete the base framework for some basic Lua scripting functionally to manage the restarant furniture and appliances.

As always, do feel free to make comments or offer suggests in the project forum.